Sniego valytuvas šakiniam krautuvui 1,8 m.

840,00 (1 016,40 su PVM)

Thanks to this snow blade, you will solve the problem of clearing the surrounding area from snow without buying expensive equipment.
The design of the knife is simple but comfortable. You can clean both by pushing the snow forward and by turning the blade sideways to push the snow to the curb.
The knife is easily and quickly installed on the forklift by driving the forks into the frame cavities and tightening the screws.
The turning angle is adjusted manually by turning the screw to the desired) angle.
The snow blade fits all forklifts.

Plate 5 – 6 mm thick; reinforcement – 8 mm thick.


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Snow blower for forklift, PWW18:

Width 1.8 m.